Test Sessions

Let's Make Pictures!

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Preston Page Test Policy

We DO NOT charge models, stylist or designers for test sessions or portfolio prints.

Models: Please prepare by packing your  Model Bag  practice the basic Skils of Successful Models.

Each test session represents a considerable investment in time, material, expertise,

 and expense for all involved, so...

Please observe these basic courtesies:

  • Be prompt for your call time.
  • Bring your Model Bag
  • Arrive with clean face and hair unless otherwise instructed
  • Nails should be camera ready
  • If you must cancel, please call or text me at 636-634-6183 as soon as possible.
  • The photography set is closed to all exept those working on a picture.
  • Escorts are welcome, but are not allowed on set during photography.
  • We require a model release for each session In exhange for thier efforts, all participants will be provided with at least one portfolio grade print from each setup and digital images in both screen and print resolutions.
  • I pick the pictures from the session. No exceptions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to me before we schedule a session.