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Test, Test, Test!


Then Apply to model agencies

Work for models are in these broad, overlapping categories:

  • Commercial: All types of print and video marketing jobs.
  • Fashion: Catalog, editorial, fashion shows and videos, and other clothing marketing.
  • Fitness: Sporting goods marketing.
  • Glamour: Nude or implied nudity for Pin-Up type projects.
  • Promotional: In person brand representation in stores, conventions, and at events.

A model agency may be stronger in some categories than others, try to align with your ambitions with the right agency.

Of the modeling genres, fashion is the most competitive and technically demanding.  With very few exceptions, fashion clients cast models with these physical characteristics:

  Women Men
Starting Age 13 - 19 17 - 24
Height 5'8" - 5'11" 5'11 - 6'1"
Size 0 - 4 Dress 38R - 42R Suit
Max Waist 25" 32"

Work for Plus Size (18+) and Alternative models is starting to grow, but remains in niche markets.