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Prepare to Model

"Chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur
Take advantage of testing opportunities the model skills outlined here.

We are often asked...

Question: How do I get started in modeling?

Answer: Start by perfecting the basic skills expected of a model, to be ready for the first opportunity.

The greater your model skills, the more valuable you are to clients.
Your services are therefore in higher demand, at higher rates.
The full professional skill list is long, and many techniques can be learned only on the job, working with a variety of others in the business.
With that said, there a several basic skills you should develop before your first fashion show audition or first photo portfolio building test session.

  1. Study and practice the "Squinch" and "Smize" techniques.
  2. Learn how to apply your makeup, adjusted for photography, for basic nautural and glamorous looks.
  3. Become familiar with and practice basic photo poses.
  4. Learn and practice runway walks.
  5. Study the work of models at the top of the profession.
  6. Develop a set of posing routines base on the work of models a the top of their profession
  7. Start sending appplications to model agencies.
  8. Make the rounds to photographers for test shot and portfolio building opportuniities.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Test, Test, Test!

Use a full length mirror to rehearse poses and facial expressions so that you are ready to get the most from your first auditions and photo test sessions. Models with many years of work experience still benefit from developing new posing routines, then work with a photographer to update their portfolio.

Then Apply to model agencies

The agency will help determine into which of these overlapping categories you fit:

  • Commercial: All types of print and video marketing jobs.
  • Fashion: Catalog, editorial, fashion shows and videos, and other clothing marketing.
  • Fitness: Sporting goods marketing.
  • Glamour: Nude or implied nudity and lingerie for Pin-Up type projects.
  • Promotional: In person brand representation in stores, conventions, and at events.

Model Skill Tutorials

1a) The Squinch

1b) The Smize

2a) Natural Photos Makeup Tips

2b) Soft Glamour Photo Makeup

3a) 60 Basic Poses in 60 Seconds

3b) Advanced: Develop Posing Routines

Basic Runway Walk, Pose, and Turn